Website Design

Website Design

KOBS Systems Engineering is one of the leading website design companies in Ghana. Our web design is focused on the ultimate goals for any business to build on and improve the brand, to support and build on your company’s competitive edge, to help build a strong, trusting relationship with customers and to increase sales and profits.

How you actually represent yourself on your website is very important. We know how to build websites that engage visitors and cause them to pick up the phone or send you an email. We help you showcase your services and expertise with clear and concise content and give you the opportunity to personalize your message.

While it is important to have a well-designed website, you don’t need to spend thousands on a “Flash” site because it looks cool. Internet users are more concerned with finding the information they want as quickly as possible. The search engine crawlers also prefer sites that load faster since they will only spend so much time indexing pages on a particular website.

We at KOBS Systems Engineering produce websites that have clean, professional designs with strong calls to action and simple navigation. We also work with you to write persuasive custom content in your voice.

Development Process

Website Design and Content Creation

The phase entails conceptualizing the layout and creating the interface of your new website. We build out the general design of your new website. Once the general design has been created and approved, we engage your company’s authorized stakeholders to get started on writing keyword rich and compelling website content.

 Testing and Launch

The development, the forms, the links, and the navigation are tested from development to submission. Once all the components and features are ready to go, we perform a final set of rigorous quality assurance testing. When your site passes the quality assurance testing, it’s ready to launch and we push it into production for final publishing on the Web.

 Post-Launch Support

Our website design team will check up on the success of your website launch. Since success means different things to different companies, we may use a variety of gauges and tools. If you report or we find anything that could use a tweak- like content updates or minor changes to graphics or the architecture, it is revised quickly.

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